Goodwill Bot: Aphasia Nova ScotiaGoodwill Bot: Aphasia Nova Scotia

Join the Nova Scotia Aphasia Association for a night of beer, fun, and learning at Good Robot Brewery on Monday, Sept. 11 from 5-8pm. $1.00 from every beer sale goes directly to the NSAA!!

When you arrive at the event, you will be given 3 tokens. Your goal throughout the night is to keep your dominant hand in your pocket and use your non-dominant hand ONLY while you’re there. The NSAA members will be keeping an eye out, and if they catch you using both hands, they will take one of your tokens! :O Look out!

If you do lose a token, have no fear! You can gain it back by checking out our game stations (1 inside and 1 outside). Our outdoor station will feature a Constraint Induced Relay: Team up with your pals to complete a fast-paced relay featuring every day activities like putting on socks, zippering a jacket, or drawing in a journal. The catch: You can only use your non-dominant hand! Our indoor station will feature a series of language-based board/card games such as taboo and reverse charades.

At the end of the night, every token you have kept and/or earned will be turned into a ballot entry for some awesome NSAA prizes!