Goodwill Bot: Team Work Cooperative

TEAM Work Cooperative is excited to be partnering with Good Robot Brewing Company to raise awareness for employment diversity and to support the James Bartlett memorial fund.

TEAM Work Cooperative provides case management, career counselling and employment maintenance while specializing in job development, job mentoring, creative job carving and job search skills. TEAM Work Cooperative is committed to building on the accessibility and integration of employment services in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The James Bartlett fund is funded through efforts by TEAM Work Cooperative and the Kinsman club of Halifax. It provides clients with disabilities some assistance to cover employment-connected costs. For example, a client may need safety boots or a criminal record background check before starting a new job and might require assistance with this cost.

At Goodwill Bot on Monday, August 14 one dollar from every pint will help persons with disabilities in Nova Scotia have a thriving start to their employment.

TEAM Work Cooperative staff will be at Good Robot from 5-8:00pm to answer questions and have a drink. Join us to raise money for a great cause, share some local beer, and try your hand at some braille board games!