Good Robot Brewing Co.


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We like to play. That’s why we own a SABCO Brew­Magic, a mini­brewery used to produce experimental, small-­scale batches of 40 litres at a time.

This Summer 2017, we’ll be dipping into a new experimental small-batch every Tuesday. Check our social media to learn about this weeks magic.


Do you brew? Would you like to showcase your own fabulous homebrew recipes to the public? Contact us  to set up a day to brew your own in our SABCO Brew­Magic.

If we like your beer, we’ll put it on tap at our taproom under your                                                                                                                 name. Who knows? If it’s great, we may have a future together.

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Guest Robot

We get bored of our beer. That’s why our taproom features guest taps for beers we love. Check our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for current lineup.

What is “Gluten-Reduced?”

Almost all our beers qualify as < 20 ppm gluten, the international standard of gluten­-free. The wheat-based beers typically sit between 20 and 200 ppm, still in the low­-gluten (< 200 ppm) range. We cannot call the beers gluten-­free because they are made with cereal products. The gluten protein is broken down via addition of an enzyme to the finished extract. You can read about that enzyme here. To date, we have had several Celiac and gluten­-sensitive patrons drink the beers with no issue.