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Goseface Killah - Gose v2.0

A German wheat brew with tang. Loaded with salt, coriander, zesty hops, and fruity yeast, this wit ain't nuthin' ta fuck wit.

Category: Belgian/German wheat
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 4.8% ABV

Subcategory: Gose/wit/sour
Gluten: Low (< 200 ppm)
Bitterness: 11 IBUs

HFXtraterrestrials - StankoniAle


If you like fish and grits and all the spiced wits, then everybody let me hear you say, "O-yea-yer." A fruity wheat with southern heat, a real SpottieOttieDopaliscious drink that brings the chonkyfire.

Category: Belgian/Spice/Herb/Vegetable/Sour
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 4.0% ABV

Subcategory: Witbier/specialty/vegetable/Berliner weisse
Gluten: Low (< 200 ppm)
Bitterness: 7 IBUs

Leave Me Blue - Corn

A micro take on a macro American style. Sweet and smooth with tones of bluegrass. And oh so crushable.

Category: American Ale
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 5.2% ABV

Subcategory: Kentucky Common
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 16 IBUs

Wackity Shmackity Brew! - American Wheat

Bitter, unfiltered, surprisingly sweet and totally American. This wheat is the cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Category: Light Hybrid Ale
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 5.8% ABV

Subcategory: American Wheat
Gluten: Low (< 200 ppm)
Bitterness: 25 IBUs

Cystic Fibrewsis - Strong American Bitter

Cystic Fibrewsis is our collaboration with Sickboy Podcast, who attempt to break down the stigma of sickness and disability via open conversation. It was unsurprising that Sickboy's favourite beer style - the ESB - embodied the feel of their podcast: complex and bittersweet, yet approachable. $10 of each keg sold will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Canada, whose efforts aid folks like Jeremie in dealing with this currently incurable disease.

Category: Amber & Brown American Beer / British Bitter
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 5.8% ABV

Subcategory: American Amber Ale / Strong Bitter
Gluten: Low (< 200 ppm)
Bitterness: 30 IBUs

Burban Legend - APA v2.0

An American classic loaded with Pacific Northwest hops and a balanced, sweet malt. It gets you where you need to be. Dry-hopped with Cascade and Amarillo.

Category: American Ale
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 6.5% ABV

Subcategory: American Pale Ale/Specialty Ale/Red
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 40 IBUs

Awesome Beer, Great Job! Autumn Saison

Tired of beers that are crisp, balanced and drinkable? New from Cinco, it's the Awesome Beer, Great Job! - Autumn Saison. Featuring five unique flavour settings - plum, banana, burnt sugar, spice, horse compote, and corringander - this revolutionary beer will impress your friends, neighbours, greengrocer, and Sherryl. From Cinco!

Category: Strong Belgian Ale/”Trappist”
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 6.4% ABV

Subcategory: Dark Saison/Belgian Dubbel
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 22 IBUs

Moo Nay - Tripel

What better tribute to sustainability and Nova Scotia farmers than a beer originally brewed by self-sustaining monasteries, punctuated with a white wine character our province is famous for. Brewed with our Belgian-loving neighbours at North Brewing and named after the farm which picks up both our breweries’ spent grains.

Category: ”Trappist”
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 8.5% ABV

Subcategory: Belgian Tripel
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 30 IBUs


We like to play. That’s why we own a SABCO Brew­Magic, a mini­brewery used to produce experimental, small-­scale batches 40 litres at a time. Check our social media to see what we have for you to explore.


Do you brew? Would you like to showcase your homebrew recipes to the public? Contact us today to set up a day to brew on our SABCO Brew­Magic. If we like your beer, we’ll put it on tap at our taproom under your name. Who knows? If it’s great, we may have a future together.

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What is "Gluten-Reduced?"

Almost all our beers qualify as < 20 ppm gluten, the international standard of gluten­-free. The wheat-based beers typically sit between 20 and 200 ppm, still in the low­-gluten (< 200 ppm) range. We cannot call the beers gluten-­free because they are made with cereal products. The gluten protein is broken down via addition of an enzyme to the finished extract. You can read about that enzyme here. To date, we have had several Celiac and gluten­-sensitive patrons drink the beers with no issue.