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Burban Legend - APA v2.0

An American classic loaded with Pacific Northwest hops and a balanced, sweet malt. It gets you where you need to be. Dry-hopped with Cascade and Amarillo.

Category: American Ale
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 6.5% ABV

Subcategory: American Pale Ale/Specialty Ale/Red
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 40 IBUs

Red Moon Landing - Red IPA

The FemmeBots have brewed a character-filled beer in time for International Women’s Day paying homage to the African-American women Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan—mathematicians responsible for critical calculations in launching NASA space missions (and the inspiration for Hidden Figures).

Category: IPA
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 7.1% ABV

Subcategory: Specialty - Red IPA
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 48 IBUs

Dave & Morley v2.0 - Coffee Brown

What started as an English brown on the test system achieved high attenuation on the big system and resulted in more of an American porter, yet still retains classic brown characteristics. Nicely balanced yet still boozy.

Category: American Porter
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 6.3% ABV

Subcategory: Specialty - Coffee Brown
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 19 IBUs + Coffee

Moo Nay - Tripel

What better tribute to sustainability and Nova Scotia farmers than a beer originally brewed by self-sustaining monasteries, punctuated with a white wine character our province is famous for. Brewed with our Belgian-loving neighbours at North Brewing and named after the farm which picks up both our breweries’ spent grains.

Category: ”Trappist”
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 8.5% ABV

Subcategory: Belgian Tripel
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 30 IBUs

Tom Waits for No One - Stout

A dark, sweet and smoky character that will leave you wasted and wounded.

Category: Stout
Type: Ale
Alcohol: 7.5% ABV

Subcategory: American Stout
Gluten: Reduced (< 20 ppm)
Bitterness: 54 IBUs


We like to play. That’s why we own a SABCO Brew­Magic, a mini­brewery used to produce experimental, small-­scale batches 40 litres at a time. Check our social media to see what we have for you to explore.


Do you brew? Would you like to showcase your homebrew recipes to the public? Contact us today to set up a day to brew on our SABCO Brew­Magic. If we like your beer, we’ll put it on tap at our taproom under your name. Who knows? If it’s great, we may have a future together.

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We get bored of our beer. That's why our taproom features guest taps for beers we love. Check our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for current lineup.

What is "Gluten-Reduced?"

Almost all our beers qualify as < 20 ppm gluten, the international standard of gluten­-free. The wheat-based beers typically sit between 20 and 200 ppm, still in the low­-gluten (< 200 ppm) range. We cannot call the beers gluten-­free because they are made with cereal products. The gluten protein is broken down via addition of an enzyme to the finished extract. You can read about that enzyme here. To date, we have had several Celiac and gluten­-sensitive patrons drink the beers with no issue.