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Good Robot Makes Videos. Fun ones. Important ones.

We pride ourselves on being providers; providers of questionable beer, providers of INFORMATION. Peruse our collection of videos to learn important things like, what's an oatmeal stout? What do goats eat? Should I touch Dans beard? What about someone else's beard?

Educate yourself on these and other topical issues, like knowing for sure whether #Istandwithdan?

Harassment PSA

DeWolfe of Wall Street

Koji Kondo - Sake Beer


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Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week 2017

Collaboration Ale: Brewers of Nova Scotia

Red Moon Landing: FemmeBot Beer

Moo Nay Farms Spent Grains

Dame Fine Coffee and Cherry Pie

What's it Like to Live Above a Brewery?

Little Ray's Reptile Takeover

Why Do We Call It Breakfast Stout

The Red Volvo - Stuart McLean Tribute Beer

Cystic Fibrewsis with Sickboy Podcast