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Month: November 2013

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Logo Design

I just need this post as a workaround for a Google glitch. I’m also drinking this fantastic sour rye ale from The Bruery in Orange County, California. Man, they’ve released some great stuff. I guess I should post something worthwhile, so… let’s talk about our logo.


Oh, hey, look at that! That’s a beauty! You know, I have to give mad props to the designer of our logo, www.brandsformed.com. Pretty snazzy, right? Much better than my original concept:

IMAG0129There were several other submissions we liked, too. Many thanks to PecDesign and Cmp95b2 of www.99designs.ca, as well as Bolo_Graphics, r_Dhude and loginstudio of www.crowdspring.com.










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Marketing Budget

Our business plan is coming right along. LivePlan is a wonderful resource and we’ve had plenty of help from BDC, NSLC, and Brewer’s Association, among others.

My most recent resource has been Entrepreneur.com, with which I have constructed the marketing budget. According to them, a conservative estimate for the marketing budget is to multiply your projected sales by 10 and 12%, multiply those numbers by your gross markup percentage, and deduct your property rent from those numbers to achieve your minimum and maximum budgets for marketing. So, by our calculations, our maximum marketing budget comes to… negative $54,500!

With that in mind, we’ve contracted our first print advertisement out to Ms. Skinner’s junior kindergarten class from Our Lady of Mediocrity in Cochrane, Alberta. Thanks to the winning submission from James L!



WIBC First AdvertisementGrape job, James!

— Josh