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Month: October 2014

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The Summer Wind: My First Three Months in Halifax

Hey folks,

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. Does anyone even read this thing? Hell, I don’t even proofread this thung.

A lot has happened since I quit my job and left Calgary. I moved to Halifax in late June and never looked back. I gotta say, and this is gonna sound smarmy, that I love Halifax. It feels like home and very much embodies the “East Coast Lifestyle” – namely, unemployment and jean jackets. On June 17, Doug picked me up from the airport bright and early for a day of market overview research.





Halifax is super cool. Big-city amenities, small-town familiarity, laid back, hospitable, great music scene (though nobody dances), downtown baseball diamonds, saltwater aroma, cozy pubs, high-end thrift stores, cheap cigars, and a booming beer scene. Booming. Perfect town for following a dream and opening a brewery. Speaking of which, here are a few shots of it.





Warehouse on move-in day. Our "pilot plant" for testing recipes is on the left.

Warehouse on move-in day. Our “pilot plant” for testing recipes is on the left.


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