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Month: December 2017

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Beer Cans vs Bottles | 3 Facts about Canned Beer

If you’re anything like me, you’re an idiot. And idiots believe anything their Uncle Charlie tells ’em. Like the time Charlie and I drank at my cousin’s wedding all night until the break of dawn. Between bouts of unconsciousness on that trampoline, I was privy to Charlie’s rants about canned beer. He only drinks bottles. Green bottles, specifically. Charlie’s rants about beer cans vs bottles impregnated my impressionable college mind so deeply and perversely that I was terrified when we decided to pursue our first canned beer, Extra BIG-ASS Beer – Oktoberfest style lager (and look out for cans of our Tom Waits for No One – stout in winter 2018). As it turns out, Charlie’s canned beer belief system is as fragile as the green bottles he drinks from. Here are 3 facts about canned beer you and Charlie should know… Not that Charlie will read them. He believes the internet is a Mayan conspiracy.

1. Beer cans are more recyclable.

Beer cans vs bottles | Extra BIG-ASS Beer Oktoberfest lager tipping over pallet

Note: beer cans are only good for the environment when stacked properly.

Everything is bad for the environment, including this blog post. But aluminum is the most recyclable material on the planet. In fact, the energy consumed to make one fresh can equals the energy used to make 20 recycled ones. Also, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, and its lower density makes it cheaper to ship. Take that, glass. (Note that aluminum’s footprint to produce rather than recycle is quite big, so be sure to recycle those cans.)

2. Beer cans do not make the beer taste metallic.

Beer cans vs bottles | canned beer metallic taste

Extra BIG-ASS Beer – Oktoberfest style lager. Now in cans for your uncle’s aggravation.

There is a neat lining on the inside of every beer can that prevents corrosive beer from ever coming into contact with aluminum. “But Josh, I’ve definitely tasted metallic or tinny canned beer before.” Listen, Charlie, I’ve had enough of your shit. That flavour is probably the metal can sitting right beneath your nose, your primary flavour picker upper, as you drink. Pour your beer in a glass and taste again. If it’s still metallic, it’s likely an off-flavour from the brewing process: incorrect water profiles, yeast health issues, or brewery tank wear.

3. Beer cans keep the beer fresher and tastier.

Beer cans vs bottles | Johnny Heighton at Good Robot Brewing Company

Beer cans are as fresh as Johnny’s many Lil’ Wayne tees.

Unlike bottled beer, canned beer is airtight. Nothing kills the flavour of a beer easier than oxidation. Ever cracked a beer, nodded off, and then tasted it the next day? Yes, Charlie, I know this is a daily occurrence for you. Oxidized beer, or “flat beer”, has little to no carbon dioxide and therefore no body. It also typically tastes bad, perhaps like cardboard. Also, unlike bottles, beer cans do not allow UV rays to enter the vessel. Ever had a skunky tasting beer? UV rays from light sources can interact with a chemical component of hops to produce 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol, which is not unlike the sulfur (thiols) present in a skunk’s secretion. Green and clear bottles are especially ineffective for preventing UV penetration.


There you have it. Scientific evidence that canned beer is vastly superior in every way to bottled beer. Oh, and we’re happy to announce our first bottled beer, bourbon-barrel-aged Mississippi Goddam American barleywine.

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Beer Recipes | Whipped Cream & Ribs for your Gluttonous Lifestyle

We here at Good Robot know you don’t get enough beer in your weekly diet. That’s why we’re happy to introduce our new line of beer recipes. Now, every orifice of your being can be saturated with rich, finely crafted Good Robot ale.

Beer recipes | Halifax craft beer whipped cream and chocolate porter syrup

Pancakes with Tom Waits for No One – Stout syrup & Yas Queen – Chocolate Porter whipped cream.

Chocolate Porter Whipped Cream

Total time: 10 m
Serves: 8 generous globs

Our all-new Yas Queen – Chocolate Porter comes out Thursday, December 21. Featuring 4 types of chocolate, this beer is a sweet treat for indulgent, gluttonous sinners everywhere. This beer recipe was tried and tested by Rebekah Ann at the Glee Club Pancake Breakfast and ran out in minutes.

  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup icing sugar
  • Splash of vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp Yas Queen – Chocolate Porter
    • Can substitute Damn Fine Coffee & Cherry Pie – Pale Ale or Tom Waits for No One – American Stout (or other Nova Scotia craft beer)

Prep 10 m
Total time 10 m

  1. Beat whipping cream and icing sugar in mixing bowl until soft peaks form.
  2. Add vanilla and Yas Queen – Chocolate Porter and beat until peaks form again.
  3. Drizzle over self in bathtub.
Beer Recipes | Tom Waits for No One with Yas Queen Chocolate Porter whipped cream and stout syrup

Tom Waits for No One – Stout with whipped cream & beer syrup.

Coffee Beer Beef Short Ribs

Total time: 45 m (active) + 8 h (passive)
Serves: 16 lucky ducks

The ever-popular Damn Fine Coffee & Cherry Pie – Pale Ale returns Thursday, December 28. And what better way to take days off your life calendar than fatty meat marinated in caffeine and ethanol? Thanks to Glen Chiasson for this beer recipe, also tried and tested at the Glee Club Pancake Breakfast. Unfortunately, the ribs ran out so quickly I didn’t snag a picture, so enjoy this trademark-infringed stock photo.

  • 1.3 kg of beef short ribs
  • 1 onion
  • 1 cup dried mushrooms soaking in water
  • 1 cup Damn Fine Coffee & Cherry Pie – Pale Ale
    • Can substitute Tom Waits for No One – American Stout (or other Halifax craft beers)
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Italian herb blend
  • Beef stock (if required)

Prep 10 m
Cook 35 m (active) + 8 h (passive)
Total time 45 m (active) + 8 h (passive)

  1. Salt and pepper both sides of short ribs and brown them in a hot pan with olive oil.
  2. Remove short rib from pan and add cut up onion and garlic until browned.
  3. Deglaze pan with Damn Fine Coffee & Cherry Pie – Pale Ale.
  4. Pour half of the pan contents into slow cooker along with half of the soaked mushrooms.
  5. Place short ribs into slow cooker add remaining pan contents and mushrooms including mushroom water over the beef.
  6. Top up with beef stock to cover beef, if necessary.
  7. Set Crock-Pot to lowest setting and cook ribs for 6-8 hours until beef is tender.
  8. Let ribs cool overnight.
  9. Remove beef and set aside.
  10. Transfer juices into a pot adding Italian herb blend.
  11. Blend juice concoction with hand blender until smooth.
  12. Reheat concoction on stovetop until simmering.
  13. Add short rib into gravy and heat through.
  14. Re-season to taste.
  15. Enjoy as smoothie during alcohol- and caffeine-fueled 22 km marathon.


Beer Recipes | Craft Beer whipped cream and chocolate syrup

Rebekah enjoying beer whipped cream and syrup. Natasha being gross.

And there you have it! Two wonderful beer recipes for your holiday blues. Remember: if it’s not Good Robot, it’s probably good for you.

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