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Good Robot Special Mention

This week our little Brewery That Could has been featured alongside (exactly) eighteen other beloved Halifax food and drink establishments on the blog site of! That’s right, this international titan of travel resource has devoted several articles to detailing where to be and what to put in your mouth while visiting our fair city and we couldn’t be happier to be included on the list!

To see who all else made special mention, visit Flightnetwork’s aptly named article – 19 Spots to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in Halifax to read all about it.

Excerpt from Flightnetwork featured below:


Halifax’s “Most Questionable Brewery” (in the best possible way), Good Robot Brewing Company has been letting their freak flag fly since 2015. Started by 3 former engineers with a love for beer and never growing up, it’s a seriously chill spot to kick back. And you may as well enjoy the brews while you’re at it! And with a pretty stellar list of on-tap and bottled beers, there’s plenty to enjoy for everyone. They also have a list of non-beer beverages as well for those who prefer to take a different path.

And let’s not forget about the grub! A match made in… well I’m not sure where with their own Rumblefish Food Co., which serves up some delectable eats. A full menu with treats like duck spring rolls, fish tacos, and (pork) butt sandwiches go swimmingly with their beers too. And don’t forget to check out their creative and extremely fun brunch either!


Recently, a member of the National Citizens Alliance (NCA), a Canadian political party, posted a picture online of some members of their organization in our beer garden. We’d like to take this time to address the picture and the subsequent commentary surrounding it.

We’ve attached our Brand & Values document which was drafted by employees and owners representing every department in our Company. We specifically wish to draw your attention to our policy surrounding discrimination and publicly state that our value system is in stark contrast to those of groups like the NCA.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to provide further insight into what happened that day.

In the late afternoon on Saturday, June 22, members of the NCA entered our beer garden. A staff member who recognized their affiliation informed the manager on duty and expressed their discomfort in serving them. The manager had a discussion with the team and concluded that the team wished to ask the NCA members to leave. Before proceeding with these actions, the manager called an owner of the Company. The owner agreed that the group should be asked to leave. While discussing how to handle removing the NCA members in a safe manner, the NCA members settled their tab and left. The owner then asked the manager on duty to approach each individual table of customers still present to discuss what had happened, what the plan of action was and what our values are as an organization.

As one of the owners of Good Robot, I’m proud of the way our folks handled the situation: In a timely, diplomatic fashion with our team’s values at heart. We would like to encourage our customers to always bring their concerns to a staff member – we’ve got your back and care about what’s happening in our space. Moving forward, we are establishing protocol on dealing with specific instances of groups or individuals in our space whose known values starkly conflict with our own.

Thank you to all those who are looking out for the best interest of our guests, staff and community.

Joshua Counsil
Co-founder & Marketing Director
Good Robot Brewing Company

Good Robot: Our Brand and Values

It is important that everyone involved in Good Robot’s day-to-day operations (Good Robot Staff, Restaurant Staff, Partners, Glee Club, Guests and Customers) understands our brand and our values. When you’re representing Good Robot, or at Good Robot, this is the scoop.

By reading this document, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our company values.

We are the curators of our communities’ quirky beer experiences. We mean well and want to make the communities we serve feel at home while striving to serve new communities that we have not yet reached.

As a priority, this means:
All Good Robot staff, partners and guests should be treated equitably and with dignity. Harassment and discrimination, whether from a guest, partner or coworker, are not tolerated. *See attached harassment and discrimination code of conduct.

This also means:
This means being nice and neighbourly.
Being weird and goofy is encouraged.
Being off-putting and purveying discomfort is discouraged.
Keep our public spaces warm, kind and inviting.
Notify us if something we do, have done or plan to do bothers you. We are fallible humans but are always willing to listen to your voice.
When we are wrong we try to correct our path.
If we cause harm, we apologise. Learn to find comfort in the word ‘sorry’, and in knowing that our mistakes will make us stronger. We learn from our mistakes.
Any ideas that you may have to “level up” the Good Robot experience will be considered. Your brains are precious. Be daring. Think outside the box.

Harassment and Discrimination: Code of Conduct

Good Robot Brewing Company is committed to providing an environment of safety
and respect for employees, contractors, partners, artists, volunteers and guests.
We will endeavour to ensure no one will be subject to discrimination, harassment,
abuse or any other conduct that diminishes dignity and worth of the individual.

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is differential treatment based on one of the following grounds that has
an adverse impact on an individual or group: race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, record of offences, marital status, family status and disability.

What is harassment?

Harassment refers to any abusive or unwelcome behaviour, conduct, talk and/or written
correspondence that are directed at and offensive to any person. Harassment may be
based on the grounds listed above, or may be personal harassment. The following are
examples of inappropriate conduct that may be in violation of this Code of Conduct:
• Derogatory or inappropriate comments, teasing, bullying, innuendos or
• Display or circulation of inappropriate, derogatory or offensive written materials, videos
or pictures
• Stalking
• Inappropriate physical contact
• Physical or verbal abuse
• Refusing to communicate, converse or work with an individual
• Sexual assault/abuse
• Suggestive looks, leering, staring or gestures
• Unwelcome and unsolicited sexual advances
• Reprisal or threat of reprisal for the rejection of a sexual advance

How can I contribute to an environment free of discrimination and harassment?

• Treat all people fairly and with dignity.
• If you are unsure whether a remark, action or written comment may be
considered offensive, do not make it.
• Don’t make jokes at other people’s expense.
• Speak up against harassment and do not tolerate conduct or comments of a
discriminatory nature.

What is the process for reporting misconduct?

Good Robot Brewing Company wants everyone to feel safe at our brewery, taproom and off-site events.
If you suspect or experience misconduct of any nature, and feel uncomfortable addressing it yourself please report it immediately.
Any breach of this code of conduct may result in immediate suspension of duties and
Privileges, and you may be asked to leave the premises.

The chain of reporting is as follows:

1. Manager on Duty
2. Operations Manager
3. Co-Founders

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Who is Your Mother’s Brother?

Who is your mother’s brother? We want to know.

Ours, is our dear “Uncle Jeff.” Don’t know him? Let me fill you in on all things mother’s brother. He’s our Rock Paper Scissors event champion, Glee Club member, OG Good Robot regular, and now, he’s the newest member of the T-Dogs crew. Pretty outstanding guy, huh? We wanted to know a little bit more about his transition from good ol’ GR patron to dog-slinger extraordinaire, and we know that you do too. So here’s our exclusive  Q & A feature on the mystery that is Uncle Jeff.

Incase you didn't know what a "TDog" was. Voila!

Incase you didn’t know what a “TDog” was. Voila!

GR: How did it feel stepping behind the bar for the first time?

UJ: A little strange at first. But, since I knew everyone it was more comfortable than I anticipated.

GR: Are you saving money now that you’re behind the bar and not at a bar stool?

UJ: No. That never happens. Continue reading

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My Beer: My Friend, My Confidant

A column about booze, anxiety, and feeling like you’re a part of something.

Walking through the gates of Good Robot on a busy weekend can feel intimidating as all hell – even for an employee. The people are crowded together, the cups filled to the brim with a new beer that you don’t recognize, and you feel like not even the shadow that casts over the gastroturf can protect you.

But our beer, it doesn’t judge. Our beer doesn’t ask questions or cast expectations. Our beer will run right up to you and ask you to be its friend.

That’s at least what I found in my 3 months working with GRBC.

The Goseface is my sour friend when I’m in need for a little bitch-fest and a half, or when I’m really ticked off about my “grown-up job.” She gives me the salty edge I need to carry on.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.37.59 PM

Now, the nuttiest of them all, is the smoky Camacho Lager. He can be a really big ass, but man, can I let loose with this guy. He is a goof, and he is a great listener. He’s my go-to when I need to just be myself. Continue reading

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It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere

By Dan Hendricken
5pm. 17:00 hours. Quitting Time. For years, this has been the time society has told us it’s ‘appropriate’ to have a beer. Well, personally I am sick of this. I’m tired of being told when i can have a drink. I’m a +19 adult, and just like doing my taxes, I’ll start drinking whenever I feel like it.

This freedom train is not done rolling though, because I’m talking about having a few beach beers on a long weekend. I’m talking about having a few adult beverages on a Tuesday in March. Break out the bus tickets, Daddy is having himself a weekday.

Do not go boldly into this brave new world of day drinking blind though, my friend. Day drinking is a tricky beast, look no further than every episode of Cops for proof. So here is a quick guide to day drinking, along with some classy recommendations to pair your beer perfectly with the time of day. Continue reading