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  • The Final Can of Beer Comes off the Line from Good Robot’s Halifax Brewery

    North End Halifax/Elmsdale Nova Scotia Good Robot cans the final can of beer in its Robie Street location in preparation for the launch of a larger...
  • Good Robot Turns Seven!

    Today we are turning seven! Robie the Robot is growing up and getting ready for grade 2!    After two years of pandemic birthdays we actually forgo...
  • The Last Beer at Curly's

    Everyone has a story about Curly Portable’s Bar & Grill. Heck, most people we’ve talked to have been kicked out of Curly’s at least once. Even it’s enigmatic former owner, Jim Isenor.
  • Important Info Regarding Goodwill Beer | Limeade Switcha (collaboration with Limestone Group)

    We are issuing a recall on all 473ml cans of Goodwill Beer | Limeade Switcha (collaboration with Limestone Group) in response to reports of overpre...
  • Why it's important to have non-alcoholic options

    Written by Nicki Brown and Brent Braaten November 24th 2021 If you are reading this, you’ve probably been to a bar at least once. Whether it’s an a...
  • How we went from "Wrought Iron Brewing Co." to "Good Robot Brewing Co."

    Wrought Iron Brewing was almost the worst named new brewery in 2015. You may not know that Good Robot Brewing Co. was named Wrought Iron Brewing until the very last minute. 
  • Buying a Canning Line in the midst of a Pandemic

    Last May we had the unfortunate opportunity to celebrate our 5th birthday during a pandemic lockdown. When we opened the brewery and taproom in 2015, we couldn’t have possibly imagined this scenario in our five-year plan, especially given the well-known statistic that half of small businesses fail in their first 5 years.
  • "Good Robot Makes Bad Neighbor"

    “Good Robot makes Bad Neighbor” was one of the headlines that marked one of our biggest humility moments. Five years ago the Islamic Centre next door requested that our liquor license be revoked because of noise, smoke, garbage, butts, urine, vomit and obscenities.
  • How to Cure Your Hangover

    From the pit of information we like to call the internet, we’re doing our research on the best way to cure a hangover for our inevitable future ones. There are so many tricks and tales out there, that we most likely missed a bunch of them - if you have anything else you think or know may work, drop the recipes in the comment section and we may try some out.

    Ever have one of those months where your plumber concusses himself on your driveway, your trench drain sinks into the ground, your floors warp and your walls melt? Yeah, us too.

    Sometimes, others know you better than you know yourself. Angus, Doug and I have spent three years developing our brand, but it took the collective genius of Breakhouse to help us consolidate our thoughts. Let’s walk you the history of our company brand.

    December 30, 2014 By Josh Counsil in Brewing, Construction, Finance, Friends 4 Hi folks, HOLY SHIT!!! We’ve got money, recipes and connectio...