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"Good Robot Makes Bad Neighbor"

“Good Robot makes Bad Neighbor” was one of the headlines that marked one of our biggest humility moments. Five years ago the Islamic Centre next door requested that our liquor license be revoked because of noise, smoke, garbage, butts, urine, vomit and obscenities.

Although we naively thought we had a good relationship with our neighbors, we had been trampling all over their boundaries because of pure ignorance

The complaint was issued during a party we threw during Pride. It happened that The Orlando Shooting had just occurred. That act of violence was so earth shattering to so many friends and family and we felt that we should create an avenue for everyone to blow off some steam and celebrate community. We had a DJ on the roof, fog machine, glitter bombs… The works. It was cathartic. It was loud.

Unfortunately this party occurred smack dab in the middle of Ramadan; a very holy and sacred time for Muslims. This was the last straw for them and it would soon become a huge wake-up call for us. 

The result of our subsequent conversations with the CID were some major operational changes that we implemented to ensure a more peaceful coexistence. For example, we now take note of all daily prayer times when we open up in the morning. During those prayer times we regulate the sound outside. We have initiated hourly cigarette butt sweeps in front of the bar and the Islamic Centre. Outdoor events like RobieScope now tend to be silent events using Silent Disco headphones that we rent from the amazing Evolution Sounds Entertainment. We have also removed some of our rowdier activities such as “Cornhole”.

It has taken some deep introspection and a lot of difficult conversations with the CID to regain their trust. They now occasionally invite us over for dinner. 

In that difficult time in our history we humbly learned what it means to be a part of a community. Neighborhoods come with responsibility. 

All of this said, as we return to Ramadan season again today, we would like to send good wishes to our Muslim friends and neighbors.