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Good Robot Turns Seven!

Today we are turning seven! Robie the Robot is growing up and getting ready for grade 2! 


After two years of pandemic birthdays we actually forgot to plan anything for ourselves this year.


So, imagine our surprise when our GoRoCorp Satellite picked up the following message that was sent to us from 90 years in the future:

Press Release: Good Robot Brewing Co. Birthday: May 9 , 2112 AD

Good Robot turns 97 today. When you drive past our 200 acre theme park and beer pong stadium in your flying car or admire the graffiti covered statues of our late co-founders in Parade Square or see one of our smiling delivery drones hovering outside your window you might not realize that everything wasn’t always so magical for Canada’s Happiest Brewery™. 

The year was 2022 and Good Robot was celebrating their seventh birthday during the third year of the first great pandemic of the 21st century. 

They found it hard to believe how far they had come in less than three years. In 2020 they had been filling glass growlers and delivering them by hand from their tiny North End Halifax brewery to Haliginians who were isolating at home. 

By 2022 all their beers were packaged in quirky cans and shipped all across the country. They had built a beverage factory in Elmsdale that would allow them to make ten times as much beer while lessening their environmental impact. 

During this time they also invested back in their communities through a new program called the Goodwill Partnership Program. Through this program they made many new friends and invested thousands of dollars back into Nova Scotia through NPOs and small local businesses.

This was not an easy time, though. Supply chain issues, spiking prices and political unrest caused by war, environmental catastrophes and the greedy corporate elite jeopardized The future of small businesses all over the world. 

Survival was hard and the future was uncertain but the human spirit in Nova Scotia burned with the heat of a thousand Tesla Brand Flame Throwers. The hardship only made their community stronger and Good Robot was humbled by the warmth of the friends and family that surrounded them. 

Ninety years later, Good Robot still offers their sincere thanks to all of you. 

We persevered together