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How to Cure Your Hangover

From the pit of information we like to call the internet, we’re doing our research on the best way to cure a hangover for our inevitable future ones. There are so many tricks and tales out there, that we most likely missed a bunch of them - if you have anything else you think or know may work, drop the recipes in the comment section and we may try some out.

  1. Stay Hydrated: duh. Obviously water will help your poor poor dehydrated, desert feeling, crispy, achy body. So if you don’t already have a 1.5L water bottle always filled to the brim on night’s out next to your sleeping place, you may need to get on that. When your body wakes up at 5am, still drunk, searching for something to quench the thirst and quall the taste of hangover mouth, you better deliver, or the next time you wake up may be much much worse.
  2. Hair of the Dog it: yes, if you read up on this topic, the science is given and it kind of makes sense. Something about not converting methanol into formaldehyde which causes hangovers...no wonder we feel dead when we wake up after drinking an unreasonable amount. But be warned, this tip may aid in alcohol dependence or unhealthy habits...so let’s not make it a habit.
  3. Supplements: are you the type of person who cares about your health and who has supplements all around the house? Probably organized by time of day to take, what room to take it in, where in the body it’ll help, etc etc. I’m jealous to be honest. But here are the supplements the ~internet science~ has said might work for a few different reasons you can read up on.
    1. Red Ginseng
    2. Prickly Pear
    3. Ginger
    4. Borage Oil
    5. Eleuthero
  4. Get some exercise: Nicki is the only one insane enough to go to the gym with a hangover, but it’s true, it helps her every time. Something to do with waking up your metabolism so it can get all those toxins out of there faster, along with forcing yourself to drink water and beverages with electrolytes in them during exercise will help hydrate your body. Don’t be embarrassed if you puke either, but make sure you get to the bathroom in time...please...PLEASE. But this can all be done at home or on a short walk to the nearest brunch spot as well, no need to exert yourself all the way to the gym...like Nicki and her insanity.
  5. Take a shower: This is not only for the benefit of yourself by helping you wake up your senses, perhaps sweat out a bit of the alcohol in a hot shower or just relaxing letting the water wash over the back of your neck, but also will help anyone around you throughout the day not realize you’re hungover. The power of not being hungover may just be the pure potential of your mind to convince itself that it’s not...which can be mastered in the calming nature of a shower. 

Anyway, these may or may not help. Who’s to say? Guess we will just try not drink ourselves to the brink of a hangover and if we do, we will regret it, or do everything this list says and more.