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How we went from "Wrought Iron Brewing Co." to "Good Robot Brewing Co."

Wrought Iron Brewing was almost the worst named new brewery in 2015. You may not know that Good Robot Brewing Co. was named Wrought Iron Brewing until the very last minute. 

The fellas who founded Good Robot were pals in Engineering school. After graduation they parted ways to make a name for themselves in the cold, impersonal world of Engineering. They found that world lonely and they longed for the camaraderie of their youth. After all, growing up is overrated.

Wrought Iron Brewing was supposed to be an homage to their Engineering past. The logo was a big hammer in an iron ring, a symbol of pride and humility. But wait… didn’t we say they were trying to escape the cold, impersonal world of engineering?

Luckily, Breakhouse came to the rescue. They pitched a new name and a new logo that would better suit the lads’ personalities. Although robots are generally cold, emotionless, task-driven objects, imagine a robot that could be good. A robot that had the shell of a machine but the soul of a human?

That’s how Good Robot and the plucky li’l mascot Robie were born. If you happen to see our delivery van, Mobie, from a helicopter or a tall building, you will see the old hammer logo being zipped up underneath the quirky Good Robot design. A part of our heritage.