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Important Info Regarding Goodwill Beer | Limeade Switcha (collaboration with Limestone Group)

We are issuing a recall on all 473ml cans of Goodwill Beer | Limeade Switcha (collaboration with Limestone Group) in response to reports of overpressurized cans. We request that all customers with cans of Goodwill Beer | Limeade Switcha in their possession immediately dispose of the beer.

This Goodwill Beer is not harmful to consume, but any overpressurized cans of the beverage may, if stored at room temperature or higher, overflow or erupt. These cans have been sold online within Nova Scotia and onsite at 2736 Robie Street in Halifax. No other Good Robot beverages are affected by this recall.

Overpressurized cans are, unfortunately, a common problem in the craft brewing industry, especially with heavily fruited beer styles. When eating sugar, brewers’ yeast produces carbon dioxide (carbonation). Typically, most residual yeast and sugar is filtered from the finished beer during the packaging process. We believe, however, that due to the heavily fruited nature of the Goodwill Beer | Limeade Switcha, which is a traditional lemon-lime Bahamian beverage, residual yeast cells and/or other microbes have interacted with excess sugars from the fruit, causing re-fermentation and producing excess carbonation in cans that have been stored for long periods of time at warm temperatures. In addition, it is possible that the refermentation process has increased the alcohol by volume (ABV) of the beverage.

Storing a beer at cold temperature (4°C or lower) typically negates yeast reactivation. None of the Goodwill Beer | Limeade Switcha stored at cold temperature has been reported as overpressurized or ruptured. Any beers that have been stored cold are unlikely to experience this issue. Goodwill Beer| Limeade Switcha is labeled to “Keep Refrigerated” but we still recommend disposing of any cans of this beer immediately.

Until recently, we believed we had assured shelf-stability by laboratory testing, running a control batch alongside a batch with sulphites added (a common preservative in the alcohol industry). While we saw a refermentation in the control batch, the test batch dosed with sulphites did not show any refermentation, even after several months stored warm. However, we now have had 4 customers report overpressurized and/or ruptured cans.

To dispose of the beer, please follow the steps below. Overpressurized beers can be identified by bulging cans and lids. These cans should be handled with extra care. 

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (while aluminum does not shatter, please still wear eyewear protection and gloves to avoid beer spray).
  • Wrap the can(s) in a towel.
  • Chill the can(s) in your refrigerator (0°C to 4°C) for at least 2 hours. This will relieve some of the pressure and let more of the CO2 dissolve into the solution.
  • Take the can outside (or to a large sink) and slowly open the tab to depressurize.
  • Dump the remaining liquid.

Please do not transport any cans of Goodwill Beer | Limeade Switcha. Jostling the cans may cause the cans to rupture. To receive a full refund on any cans of this beverage, please simply take a picture of your remaining cans and bring them to Good Robot Brewing (2736 Robie St. | Halifax | B3K 4P2) or call our e-commerce line (902.446.1692 extension 2) and request a refund. You do not require proof of purchase - we trust you.

We feel embarrassed by this incident and we are very sorry to our customers, community and culture. Like us, our beverages are often eccentric, experimental and untrue to style. Sometimes, this quirky approach to brewing produces an unintended result, such as this one.

We are also sorry to our Goodwill Partner, Limestone Group, who celebrate Caribbean culture in Nova Scotia, as it is our responsibility to brew and package beverages. Our Goodwill Partnership Program donates $0.50 of every pint of Goodwill Beer to our Partner. We are currently devising solutions to ensure our Partnership ends on a positive note, including collaborating on a Caribbean-style Goodwill Burger with proceeds going to Limestone Group.

With respect to quality assurance, we are taking steps to mitigate the possibility of this happening again. Our new facility in Elmsdale will feature an innovative tunnel pasteurizer, a piece of equipment unavailable at most craft enterprises. We are also currently hiring a full-time QA/QC (Quality Assurance and Control) Lead from Labatt for improved processing and testing.

At Good Robot, our goal is to curate quirky beverage experiences for our communities. We hope that you can forgive us for this mistake and continue to enjoy the good times we strive to provide. 

Media contact:

Joshua Counsil