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February 19, 2015 By Josh Counsil in Brewing, Construction, Construction, Taproom 1

As construction continues unabated and equipment delays abound, we turn our attention to the first draft of our draft room. From day one, we knew the following about taproom construction:

  • The taproom should serve as the heart of the brewery, a place where we can educate and inebriate.

  • The taproom should serve quality beer without pretension, from table d’hote to table d’ancing.

  • Given our former careers as industrial engineers and our current careers as beer barons, we perceive the

    motif as industrial equipment overgrown with horticulture.

  • We do not want to be a brewpub. We want a food truck in the driveway, the option for patrons to bring in

    food from other establishments, and small finger foods to pad your stomachs but not our wallets.

  • We want a wrap-around patio overlooking the Robie Street hustle and a grass driveway.

  • The taproom should be a haven for free speech.

  • We will host events reflecting our personalities, including comedy nights, how-to tutorials from local mer-

    chants, silent reading and raging parties.

  • The western portion of the taproom will focus on the entrance and stage.

  • The eastern portion of the taproom will focus on the bar and street with small tables to encourage group

    sea ting.

  • The upstairs portion of the taproom will be used for washrooms and private events.

Our original taproom floor plan. Dimensions are imperial, like our pilsner.We had ideas but lacked focus. Doug wanted classy. Angus wanted cozy. To me, a bar is like a cannonball com- petition: the divier, the better. We hired Breakhouse to help us organize. They are ridiculously fun to work with, dissecting even the most minute details of our social media to find the underlying personality and childhood trauma. After several meetings, Gord, Vince, Peter and Andrew helped us focus our thoughts and proposed some excellent ideas:

  • Replace the patio with a ground-level beer garden to eliminate the cityscape feel.
  • The western portion of the taproom should focus on washrooms given the limited size.
  • The eastern portion of the taproom should focus on the bar with a small fold-out stage and high-seats to

  • encourage mingling.


  • The upstairs portion of the taproom can be torn out to create a loft overlooking the eastern taproom.

Breakhouse: they know what they’re doing.

The taproom design is ongoing but we are excited about the prospects of having a local haunt. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, keep us posted. What do you like in a taproom?