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June 11, 2015 By Josh Counsil in Construction Comments Off on Taproom Construction Update 2: Movin’ Right Along

Remember that kid who freaked out because he only got 89% on a calculus quiz? That’s us. Sure, our brewery is finally open for business, we’re on tap at some of our favourite spots, and we’ve got some sexy events coming up, but why enjoy the fruits of your labour when you can ferment them? Let the taproom construction begin!

Breakhouse has taken our ideas and expanded, refined and improved them. Like an engineer, our exterior is cold, grey and closed off to the world.

Beer garden-driveway. They spelled “Good Robot” incorrectly in the concept art.
But when you get to know us, we’re warm and approachable, like a sunny beer garden.

Cut-out view of taproom.

We want the taproom to have the cozy warmth and conversation of a classic pub or dive but with a modern, surrealist vibe. Like our beers and personality, it’s not true to style. A neighbourhood haunt for misfits in search of good times and good brews.

The Tacoma Narrows collapse is, like us, an engineering disaster.

The taproom is currently an old restaurant with a residence on top. We’re tearing out a portion of the residence floor to make a mezzanine overlooking the main floor.

This is where Josh plans to listen to your problems.

The bar features 12 taps, 2 of which will be casks, some of which will be guest spots, and 1 of which will be connected to Doug’s veins. On the left is a small prep area reserved for finger foods courtesy of Food Noise, who makes healthy versions of the awful food we enjoyed in college. The chairs will be drop-top cherry Cadillac love seats capable of sitting 2 or 3 people, or 1 Angus lying down.

The view from the comedian.

The back end is adjacent to huge windows which allow you to watch your day disappear in real time. The booths will be loaded with posters of various festivals and shows we’d love to attend if we had the foresight to know we will never travel again.

We’re shooting for a September opening, but given the rate of our current accomplishments, I’d wager we open in early 2018. So strap on your hover-boots and gravitate your way here. Schedules are overrated. So is growing up.