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Please check our FAQs below before contacting us.
For Goodwill Bot inquiries, click here.
For donation/sponsorship inquiries, click here.
Store purchases and onsite bar questions
[email protected]
Sales questions
[email protected]
Doug, beer or brewing questions
[email protected]
Josh, media questions
[email protected]
Events Inquires
Rent our space for private or public events, visit this page to learn more
If you don’t like any of us in particular, hit up our general mailbox: [email protected]



Do you take reservations?

We typically do not reserve individual tables. We do, however, offer all of our spaces for private or public bookings on select days. To request a space for rent, please visit this page
How do I sign up as a Goodwill Bot NPO?
Use our NPO submittal form to be considered for a Goodwill Bot event.
What do you currently have on tap?
We update our taplist daily. It is also available on Facebook.
Do you fill growlers from other breweries?
Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak we currently only swap Good Robot growlers to allow for proper sanitation.
What does “gluten-reduced” mean?
Almost all our beers are gluten-reduced. Read more here.
Are your beers vegan?
Yes. While many beer companies use animal-based clarifying agents in small doses, we use Biofine Clear, which is vegan friendly.
Where can I buy your beer?
You can drink at our taproom (currently suspended), purchase bottles at our retail store, or enjoy a pint at one of our accounts (also currently suspended). We have occasional bottles or cans at private retailers, such as Bishop’s Cellar, Harvest Wines, and Rockhead. Also we now have listings at select NSLC stores.
Do you sell kegs to private parties?
Yes. Please call or email [email protected] for pricing and availability.
Do you offer brewery tours?
Yes, except right now they are currently suspended. Please visit this page for more information.

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