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Good Robot Lager

This one’s a smasher! A good, honest, locally made lager. Our Good Robot Lager is similar to the big named lagers out there but with a little bit more oomph. It’s made right here in Nova Scotia and sold in packs of 6 or 12 so you can share with your pals (or not…we won’t tell.)

Did you know that in a blind taste test, 98% of drinkers preferred Good Robot Lager over other domestic brands? Not to toot our own horn but…toot toot.

Good Robot Lager is perfect for any occasion – a casual drink with dinner, a crusher during a softball game, and everything in between. Good, cold and local. It’s a beer everyone can agree on.

On-tap at
  • Commons
  • Elmsdale
  • Robie Street