Good Robot Brewing Co.

Working With Us

Good Robots 3 co-founders eating candy in the bath. They want you to be working with usVoted “BEST RUN COMPANY”

by Good Robot Brewing Company’s three hard working co-founders Angus, Doug and Josh.


We gave up steady salaries and manageable stress for a working life of fun, passion, and insomnia. We work very hard and are obsessed with our business and beer. Still, we usually manage to have a good time.


Currently We’re Hiring Bartenders, Servers, and Retail!

If you like the idea of pouring your heart, soul, and liver into a business run by a band of misfits, please fill out this form to be considered for one of our hospitality positions.

Rumblefish Food Co. Is Looking for Cooks! And Dishwashers!

The RumbleFish is a biological oddity that was, until now, completely unsubstantiated. A creature with the body of a land-dweller and the tail of a fish. Two separate entities forged together in some unholy union, a North End dining experience encompassing the shared values of two companies; Good Robot Brewing Co. and Black Sheep Restaurant.
Together we created RumbleFish, a brand-spanking-new commercial kitchen delivering fresh, made-from-scratch food experiences inspired by bar snacks from around the world.
To be considered for a position in our sparkly new RumbleFish kitchen, fill out this form right here.