Good Robot Brewing Co.

Working With Us

Good Robots 3 co-founders eating candy in the bath. They want you to be working with usVoted “BEST RUN COMPANY”

by Good Robot Brewing Company’s three hard working co-founders Angus, Doug and Josh.


We gave up steady salaries and manageable stress for a working life of fun, passion, and insomnia. We work very hard and are obsessed with our business and beer. Still, we usually manage to have a good time.


Currently We’re Hiring Bartenders, Servers, and Retail!

If you like the idea of pouring your heart, soul, and liver into a business run by a band of misfits, please fill out this form to be considered for one of our hospitality positions.

Videographer Employment Opportunity

Are you a videographer? Do you edit too? Do you have your own gear? Do you believe in the power of the moving image and its ability to elevate a business’ identity in the realm of social media? Do you believe in ghosts? If you answered yes to even one of these questions you might have the right stuff to join the Good Robot Creative Department (GRCD™).
Submit a C.V. to [email protected] today.

Rumblefish Food Co. Is Looking for Cooks! And Dishwashers!

The RumbleFish is a biological oddity that was, until now, completely unsubstantiated. A creature with the body of a land-dweller and the tail of a fish. Two separate entities forged together in some unholy union, a North End dining experience encompassing the shared values of two companies; Good Robot Brewing Co. and Black Sheep Restaurant.
Together we created RumbleFish, a brand-spanking-new commercial kitchen delivering fresh, made-from-scratch food experiences inspired by bar snacks from around the world.
To be considered for a position in our sparkly new RumbleFish kitchen, fill out this form right here.