Good Robot Frequently Asked Questions

Is your beer gluten-free?

At Good Robot we process our beers to remove gluten using an enzyme called Brewers Clarex.

However, the gluten content of the beer can vary and the beer may contain gluten.

Please exercise personal judgment when determining what beer you want to try.

Additionally, barley-only beers contain less gluten than wheat-containing beers because less gluten present means less gluten to reduce.  

We recommend you try Good Robot’s:

Where does the name Good Robot come from?

Originally, Good Robot was named Wrought Iron Brewing, symbolizing the iron rings that are given out to new engineering grads. In the 11th hour, though, we realized that this cold, impersonal name resembles the cold, impersonal experiences that we had encountered in the engineering jobs we hated.

Therefore, Good Robot was born. “Good” represents good times, goodwill, and being good-natured. “Robot” represents the experimental, imperfect, and ironically humanistic part of their venture.

Who is the brewmaster?

Kellye Robertson leads the brew team. We believe she is a beer genius and this year she is a nominated for the prestigious 2023 Canadian Brewers Choice Awards: Brewer of the Year! Her new head brewer is Good Vale, an all-around nice guy with a wealth of experience in beer production from craft to macro.

How long have you been open?

We have been open since the Spring of 2015.

Who is the mascot?

The little robot on every can of our beer is Robie the Robot. They are named after the street where we produced our first brews and planted our original taproom.

Do your patios allow dogs?

We love seeing your furry pals on our patios. However, make sure they follow the rules: No dog fights, no pooping, and three borks yer out!

Is Good Robot haunted?

There is a ghost in the MouseTrap Lounge above the brewery named Uncle Giggles. He leaves a dime on a table for the bar staff at the end of the night. He’s a friendly ghost, on the other hand, a lousy tipper.

Does Good Robot deliver?

We sure do, place your order here to get beer delivery to your door.

Local delivery area map for Good Robot delivery services