Good Robot Brewing Co.


Good Robot Brewing Co. Is Happy To Help

Pending we’re not trapped in a pit of snakes (oh no!), we like to help out when we can. We offer two avenues for organizations requiring our services:

Goodwill bot, two robots participating in charity1. Goodwill Bot

Every Monday, a different nonprofit or in-need organization enters our taproom, promotes themselves and receives $1 of every Good Robot beer consumed that day. The organizations are encouraged to make their event as fun or otherwise interesting as they require in order to attract more patrons to come out and support their cause. How-to workshops, live animal demonstrations and even interpretative dancing are encouraged.

Goodwill Bot events can be applied for by filling out this form.

2. Donations, Partnerships & Sponsorships

Looking for a gift card for your charity auction? Maybe you would like some beer for a gala? Or perhaps you are looking to partner with us to take over the world? Fear not, you generous and ambitious soul. You have come to the right place.

If your donation request is under $200, simply fill out this form.
If your donations request is over $200 please fill out this form.

Our Goodwill Ambassador will consider your request and get back to you within a couple of weeks with a response!