Good Robot Brewing Co.


Logo for BetaBrew featuring two robots


Do you brew? Would you like to learn? How about showcasing your own fabulous homebrew on tap to the public? Contact [email protected] to set up a day to brew your own BetaBrew (small-batch, experimental beer) in our SABCO Brew¬≠Magic. Bring your friends and family out to show off your beer. All levels of experience are welcome, from the seasoned homebrewer to a first-timer. If you prefer drinking to brewing, we have a new BetaBrew on tap every Tuesday.



These are the beers we brew with our primary brewery. In other words, these are our regular beers, the heart, soul and liver of our operation. And we tap a new AlphaBrew every Thursday.

Enjoy Our Beer in Locations Other than Our Taproom

Such as your house! Cans available at the fine establishments listed below, or click here to find a tap near you.