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Best Run Company



By Good Robot Brewing Company’s three co-founders Angus, Doug and Josh.

We gave up steady salaries and manageable stress for a working life of fun, passion, and insomnia. We are obsessed with our business and beer, though we usually manage to have a good time in spite of our many, many mistakes.

Bartenders, Servers, and Retail

If you like the idea of pouring your heart, soul, and liver into a business run by a band of misfits, please check out our listings on Indeed to be considered for one of our hospitality positions.


Be a Line Cook at Good Robot

Good Robot’s onsite commercial kitchen delivers fresh, made-from-scratch bar food. If you like kitchen work, a team environment based on mutual respect, beer, roller coasters and time travelling with the intent of assassinating history’s greatest monsters without thinking about the consequences of disturbing the space-time continuum then do we have a position for you.

To be considered for this position in our kitchen, check out our listings on Indeed


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