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Frequently Asked Questions:
    • If I order my beer now when will it arrive?
      • We begin deliveries in the early afternoon every day and do multiple beer runs through the day. On average we get beer to customers within 2 hours of their order being placed (during delivery hours), but this varies depending on order volume, traffic, etc. You can opt-in to text message alerts for the ETA of your delivery after checkout as well. If you are hoping to get your delivery within a certain time frame, feel free to include the details in your ‘notes for delivery’ section prior to checkout and we’ll try our best to make it happen! You can also give us a call to figure out a solution for you. 
    • I won’t be home to receive the delivery but my Bassist who sleeps on my couch will be. Can they receive the delivery or do I have to be home to receive it?
      • They sure can! The recipient of the delivery needs to be over 19 years of age with a valid ID, but it can be someone other than the person who placed the order. 
    • Can you leave my order on the porch for me if I’m not home when you deliver it?
      • Unfortunately not. We cannot leave alcohol unattended and need to make sure the recipient is over 19. If you give us a call we can work out a time that can work for you though!
    • Can your driver meet me at the door of my Apartment/Condo to drop off my delivery?
      • Our drivers do not enter condo or apartment buildings past the lobby. When we arrive we will give you a call to head down to receive your order from us. Please drop us a line if this is an issue - we will do our best to find a solution that works for you! 
    • How do Beer Miles work?
      • Every purchase you make on our online store rewards you with Beer Miles! You receive 5 beer miles for every dollar spent, which you can then redeem for discounts on future orders. Sorry, no toasters are available in exchange for your miles. All you have to do is sign in to your account before ordering and reap the rewards of the delicious choices you’ve made. You will get a second email after your purchase with all the Beer Miles information you’ll need to get started. Just like the real deal, Beer Miles are non-transferable.
    • Can I use a gift card purchased online for in-store purchases?
      • Gift cards purchased via our online store can only be redeemed through online transactions. Similarly, physical gift cards can only be used for purchases made in the taproom. We can transfer the balance of a gift card between both options in the taproom if you want to swap one out for another. 
    • Would you like to meet my dog when you drop off the beer?
      • YES PLEASE!
    • What happens if no one is home to receive my order when you arrive?
      • We will do our best to get your beer to you the day that you ordered it, however if no one is home at the time of delivery we cannot guarantee that we can return again that day. Please include any desired delivery times and details in the ‘notes for delivery’ section prior to checkout so we can find a time that works for you! You can also call us with any more specific questions prior to placing your order if needed. 
    • Can I place an order for a friend as a surprise?
      • ABSOLUTELY! We only ask that you inform your friend that something will be delivered to them that day so they are home to receive it. Or at least confirm yourself that they’ll be home and are ready to be surprised. Make sure to take a look at our greeting cards in the Merch section as well if you’d like us to add a fun/heartwarming/obtuse message alongside your beer!
    • Do you actually read the funny sweet nothings I leave you in the notes?
      • It's often the best part of our day <3
    • What can I do to get more of the Good Robot experience at home?
      • Invite your neighbour’s dog over. Put on a loud laugh track on Youtube. Sit on your stoop/porch and talk to whoever is walking by. Watch a classic movie. Surround yourself with whatever stuffies/puppets/taxidermy you have around. Do a last call for yourself and crack one more. Pretend there’s someone in your washroom so that you have to wait and a little pee comes out while you do. Throw on your favourite Smash Mouth track or Crazy Frog and play it 20 times on repeat. Have a dance party whether anyone is around or not. Put a party bulb in the weirdest light socket you have. Watch The Simpsons for four hours or until your belly hurts. Play crib with your cat. Call us and ask us where the washroom is.