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Good Robot’s commitment to Glee Club Members:
  • Glee Club mug. Enjoy all Good Robot beers in an exclusive 21oz mug priced at our standard 12oz or 16oz fills! That's almost twice the beer!+
  • Special store pricing: $1 off 2L growlers, $0.50 off 1L grunters, and $0.25 off cans.+
  • Birthday celebration!+
  • Glee Club online community!
  • 4 Glee Club events!
  • Glee Club swag, including an enamel pin and sticker!
  • And there might even be some sneaky surprises…

Good Robot Brewing reserves the right to change or amend the Glee Club, Good Robot Values, Membership Agreement and Good Robot Brewing policies at any point without compensation or refund to Glee Club Members.

This Membership Agreement is the sole agreement between Good Robot Brewing and Glee Club Members, and all prior discussions, understandings, representations and agreements, either oral or in writing, are superseded and merged into this agreement, which alone fully and completely expresses their agreement. What a mouthful.

Glee Club Members can be temporarily suspended or entirely removed from the Club, as well as temporarily suspended or permanently banned from Good Robot Brewing’s spaces, for violation of any of Good Robot’s Values, for violation of Glee Club Terms & Conditions, and/or at the sole discretion of Good Robot Brewing. In addition, if, at any time, Good Robot determines in their sole and absolute discretion that a Member’s continued participation in the Glee Club is in any way harmful to the reputation or business, Good Robot may revoke that Member’s Glee Club Membership without any compensation or refund. In short, be a good human!

Glee Club Membership may not be transferred or sold.

There are no refunds for either the Glee Club Membership fees or for any purchase made under the terms of this Membership Agreement.

Glee Club Members must identify themselves using official Glee Club ID cards to Good Robot Teammates (staff) in order to enjoy Benefits.

Glee Club Benefits are available only to Glee Club Members. Glee Club Membership cannot be loaned or borrowed to another human, dog or alien form. Likewise, Glee Club Benefits cannot be shared with other humans, e.g., giving a Glee Club mug beer to another guest in Good Robot’s bar is prohibited. Exclusive Glee Club events are limited in attendance to Glee Club Members. However, Glee Club special rate take-home beers from Good Robot’s onsite store can (and should!) be shared with whomever the Glee Club Member pleases.

Good Robot Brewing cannot guarantee delivery dates of custom swag, beer, events or other Glee Club Benefits.

Glee Club Membership and Benefits are subject to Good Robot’s public spaces being open. Disruptions from COVID-19, government mandates, or other unplanned phenomena may cause events and other Benefits to be postponed or cancelled without reimbursement.

Glee Club Members are very dear to us. That said, it’s important to understand that Glee Club Members are not entitled to additional Benefits beyond those listed on the Good Robot Brewing website. For example, Glee Club Members are not entitled to the following: additional special treatment, expedited service, internal company information, managerial authority over any aspect of Good Robot Brewing, private or other unwanted communications with Good Robot Teammates (staff), etc.

The Good Robot Glee Club Facebook Page is a forum to discuss Glee Club Benefits, birthdays, requests, logistical information and other fun things. It is not an open forum to request sensitive information from the company, register complaints, gossip, etc. Good Robot Brewing reserves sole discretion to delete any communications and remove any humans from any communications platform on which these terms are violated.

Glee Club Membership will automatically renew annually. It is the responsibility of the Member to decline future Membership via the online payment system.

Glee Club Members must keep their contact information up-to-date. Otherwise, Members may miss out on the fun.

Glee Club Members must be 19+ years of age as of the entering of this Agreement and have a valid government-issued picture ID reflecting this.

Good Robot Brewing shall not be responsible for any email, Facebook messages or other communications not received or responded to.

Lost or stolen Glee Club items, e.g., Glee Club swag will not be replaced or compensated for.

Good Robot reserves the right to serve certain beers, including but not limited to those with higher alcohol content and/or higher ingredient costs, in smaller, more appropriate glassware. Guest beers (i.e., beers not brewed by Good Robot) do not qualify for Glee Club mug pours.

Most of Good Robot Brewing’s public spaces are barrier-free and accessible. However, the upstairs barroom and mezzanine area are accessed only via staircases. While Good Robot will always strive to serve guests experiencing disabilities, Glee Club exclusive events may take place in inaccessible areas.

In addition to Good Robot’s Values, Glee Club Members will at all times while at Good Robot (i) drink responsibly and in moderation, (ii) exercise good judgement, (iii) treat other guests, servers and bartenders with courtesy and respect, (iv) not take action that might jeopardize the health, welfare or safety of anyone and (v) not engage in any harassment or violent or inappropriate conduct.

Glee Club Members will not drive if unable to do so safely because of the consumption of alcoholic beverages or medication.

Glee Club Benefits cannot be combined with other Good Robot Brewing promotions, discounts, etc.

Nothing expressed or referred to in this Agreement will be construed to give any person, other than the parties to this Agreement, any legal or equitable right, remedy or claim under or with respect to this Agreement or any provision hereof. If any provision of this Agreement should be found by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or incapable of being enforced, all other terms and conditions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect. This Agreement shall be automatically executed by Glee Club Members digitally when they purchase a Glee Club Membership.

And now, on with the show.