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Since 2016, we’ve hosted the weekly Goodwill Bot Initiative, a fundraising event that features a local nonprofit organization each week -- profits from every pint sold at these events goes to the non-profit. Goodwill Bot has invited representatives and community members to the taproom for an evening of fun programming, community building and knowledge sharing and raised over $75,000 for hundreds of local NPOs. 

Like many businesses, Good Robot pivoted during the pandemic and Goodwill Bot donations were moved online. But the closure of taprooms by Public Health hit in-person events the hardest. 

“We started Good Robot because we were lonely, alienated people who wanted to create our own community of misfits,” said Joshua Counsil, co-founder of Good Robot. “The challenge with coronavirus was, for us, how can we foster community without a space?” Good Robot has used this time as an opportunity to invest in new strategies to help community charities and organisations and reimagine the whole way we give back: “We knew there was a way to make a more meaningful impact for communities that needed assistance the most.” So Good Robot scuttled the Goodwill Bot Program and replaced it with a revamped Goodwill Partnership Program with four distinct focuses:


Bigger. Better. Greater impact. You read that right, my friends. We have rethought our Goodwill Initiative, and have come up with a plan that will enable us to have greater impacts on the selected organizations, while still curating quirky beer experiences for the consumers. Our robots have been hard at work to deliver an impactful and thoughtful program: Goodwill Partners. We are partnering with a different group each quarter to bring you Goodwill Beer- a collaborative effort between Good Robot and the selected NPO. 20% (or $1 per pint) of this beer will go to the NPO to aid their initiatives. Interested NPO’s can apply for the program through the application on our website (add link once set up) and our selection committee will get in touch.


Partnership Application




Good Robot teams up with local organizations with shared visions and values to design, brew and package a batch of beer. $.50 per pint from each beer will be donated to the local organization along with a large share of Good Robot’s social media voice to raise awareness.

Partnership Application


Introducing Good Robot’s Goodwill Relief Program. Each quarter, we will have a budget of $500 to give to community emergencies and more. We first introduced the Relief Program during the Fall of 2020 in support of the escalating crisis surrounding the Mi’kmaq Fisheries. We believe it is important to have funds available to donate to worthwhile causes and emergencies, that fall outside the scope of the standard Goodwill Beer Program. This is a discretionary fund, and decisions on where and when to donate will be made by a select team of management and staff on an as needed basis. If you have heard of a crisis or emergency impacting your community, please reach out to goodwill@goodrobotbrewing.ca


As we take on NPOs for our Goodwill Partnership Program, we at Good Robot are looking to become more involved with the folks we’re helping support. Each quarter staff and Glee Club members will have the opportunity to go one site with our community partner (when pandemic restrictions allow) and volunteer with them. This will allow us to learn more about the initiatives we support through closer involvement with the organizations. The organization benefits from having extra hands on deck to help out. The overall goal is a mutually beneficial increase to the spirit of camaraderie.



Throughout the years we have received many donation requests from the Nova Scotian community. As we continue to change our Goodwill Bot program, we wish to give ack to our community, and the folks who have helped us get to where we are today. Through this application (will get link when we have the application) you’ll be able to apply to our Goodwill Ambassador for donations such as: curated gift baskets, merch, gift cards, and more. This program is designed for organizations and groups who are looking for physical items to use for giveaways, raffles, or anything they need.


The Partner
and the Beer. 


The Limestone Group is made up of a group of young professionals that are motivated to promote Caribbean culture, peace, love and positive vibes.


Giovanni Johnson, brewer and member of Limestone, says “Allow your tastebuds to escape to paradise as you taste the authentic Caribbean flavours. With our drinks, ONE SIP WILL TAKE YOU BACK TO DA ISLAND!!!!!

Summertime in the Bahamas would have everyone feelin’ hot, hot, hot! Over the years, Bahamians have engineered different ways to beat the heat! One of the most delicious and refreshing option would have to be a tall glass of ice cold Switcha! Filled with citrusy goodness, we have blended the ultimate thirst-quenching switcha that is ideal for any occasion!”

You can find Limestone on Instagram @limestone.group