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Hungry? Bored? Overly hydrated? Well, come on down to Good Robot to experience a diverse array of culinary delights, from boring options like our Boring Fries to fancy options like our Jar of Mussels.
And for all you vegetarian and gluten-free peeps out there, we've got you! We take care to include plenty of yummy options for the dietary restricted among us.


Fries (GF/PB) - 6
Still with Ketchup!

Green Beans (GF/PB) - 9
Crispy green beans tossed in sweet pepper and fried garlic and shallots

Hush Puppies (V) - 8
Cornbread fritters stuffed with jalapeños and served with hot honey

Jar of Mussels (GFO) - 12
Shelled mussels bathed in garlic, smoked paprika, and tomatoes and served with sourdough toast

Brutus Salad (GFO/VO) - 12

Not quite a caesar.  Shaved brussels sprouts, bacon, croutons, cheddar, and lemon

Citrus Slaw - 10 (GF/PB)
Radish, cucumber, carrots, and red onion in a citrus dressing with roasted cashews and rice paper chips

Digby Scallops (GF) -  18
Seared scallops with brown butter hollandaise and pickled shallots on greens

Patty Melt (GFO/PBO) - 12
Beef on rye with caramelized onions, roasted red pepper, ginger sweet & sour sauce, and swiss cheese

Make it vegan w/ a tofu patty & vegan cheese

Fried Chicken & Eggplant (PBO) - 16
Crispy breaded chicken & eggplant tossed in a gochujang sauce and showered with cilantro

Make it all chicken ($19.50)

Beer Battered Shrimp - 18
Skewers of shrimp, fennel, sugar snaps, onion, and portobello served with chili crisp mayo and lemon



Caesars - $7.59/$10.99 (1.5oz/3oz)

Prosecco - $7.99

Mimosa - $7.59

Coffee - $2.99 - Booze it up for $3.50

OJ - $3.49




Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm

Breakfast Sandwich - 16 (GFO/VO)

2 fried eggs, Brother's bacon, old cheddar, and tomato on rye. Served with fries.

Eggs Benedict - 17 (GFO/VO)
2 poached eggs, house hollandaise, smoked ham, and spinach on an English muffin. Served with fries.

Fried Chicken - 17 
Buttermilk fried chicken served with country gravy and green peas on half an English muffin.

Mushroom and Leeks on Toast - 15 (GFO/V/PBO)
Slow-cooked leeks, roasted mushrooms, house creme fraiche, crunch mustard, toasted hazelnuts, and olives

Hush Puppy Bowl - 14 (V)
Jalapeno cornbread fritters, pickled red onion, salted cucumber, and baby spinach topped with tahini sauce and Frank's red hot

Huevos Rancheros - 15 (V/GF)
2 sunny side up eggs on corn tortillas with chipotle tomato salsa, feta, cilantro, and a side of refried beans. 

Some served with fries or LEVEL UP from the below sides/add ons:
Egg (2) | Bacon (3) | Ham (3) | Toast (3)
Chipotle Salsa (3) | Hollandaise (3) | Hush Puppies (3/pair)
Fries (6)