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Two Hour Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Two Hour Delivery Guarantee

Deliveries start at noon every day, with the cut off for same day delivery orders at 8pm. All orders placed prior to the beginning of the delivery day (ie, placed overnight or early morning) Are guaranteed to arrive no later than 2pm. After 12pm, the 2 hour guarantee operates such that your order is guaranteed to arrive at your address no later than 2 hours after the order is received. See below for Terms and Conditions. 

How to claim the Guarantee. 

If it took longer than two hours for your order to arrive at your door, from the time that your order was received by our dispatch-bot to the time that it got to your address, you are eligible for a free 4-pack of your choosing, on us! Follow these steps to redeem your 4-pack. 

  • Reach out to Good Robot via email at grshopfeedback@gmail.com to inform us that your order did not meet the guarantee no later than 11:59pm on the day your order was delivered. 
  • Your claim will be reviewed by our Dispatch-bots and cross referenced with our records. 
  • If, upon review, your order was in fact delivered outside of the 2hr delivery guarantee Good Robot will follow up with your discount code, redeemable on your next online beer order. 


Two hours: For the purposes of this guarantee, Two Hours is qualified as Two hours from the time that the order is received by our delivery software to the time that our driver arrives at the residence where it was initially ordered to (Shipping Address). Arrival time will be determined by our delivery software as reported by our delivery driver.

Free 4-Pack: Orders that surpass the Two Hour Delivery Guarantee as laid out above are eligible for a one time $20 discount code (approximately the price of a standard Good Robot 4-Pack) usable for any items online. 


Lower Sackville is ineligible for the Two Hour Guaranteed Delivery. We are happy to continue to service our customers in Lower Sackville (Area codes beginning with B4C) but cannot guarantee 2 hour delivery. You’re just too far from the bar! (Say that 5 times fast... now with a New England Accent)

Two Hour Guarantee is also void if the customer is not reachable by the driver within 5 minutes of arrival. We will try to call you, so please pick up your phone. Drivers will attempt a second drop off time permitting, but this is not guaranteed. 

Two Hour Guarantee is void if the shipping address is incorrect and the order needs to be sent to a different address. (We’re not falling for that one… twice)

All times referenced are in AST. 

Orders that are placed for someone other than yourself, ie. a gift or surprise, are not guaranteed. 

Discount is eligible to be applied for Online orders only. Must be redeemed for Beer purchases only. Discount codes that were provided as a result of the 2 hour guarantee may be used on your next online order, and may not be used on the order resulting in the credit, and may not be converted to cash or other consideration (especially Doge Coin).

Good Robot reserves the right to remove the guarantee without notice at any time and for any reason whatsoever in its sole discretion including, but not limited to, inclement weather, technical problems, or brewery related issues. The start and end times of the guarantee are determined by the delivery software that Good Robot uses to monitor deliveries. In instances where a delivery time is disputed, this software will serve as the official record.