Good Robot Brewing Co.

Private Parties

You Can Host Your Own Soiree. You Can Do a Brewery Tour. You Can D0 Both.

Where in Good Robot is available for private rentals?
Our upper level mezzanine in the taproom, 2736 Robie Street.

When is the mezzanine available?
You can rent the mezzanine Mondays-Thursdays permitting there are no in-house events happening that day, check our Facebook Events to find out more)

How many people does the mezzanine fit?
25-30 depending on if everyone wears deodorant.

What is the rental fee?
We operate using a minimum spend of $215/hr – this equates to 15 people drinking 2 beer an hour. If you spend more than this during your stay – NO RENTAL FEE!! Consumerism at it’s finest!

Also note that we may need a credit card a head of time to hold mezzanine reservations.

Do you have food?
YES. RumbleFish Food Co, click here to learn more.

Are there non-alcoholic options?
YES. Propeller Ginger/Root beer, Low Point Cold Brew, & Goodmore Komboucha.

Are minors allowed?
Yes, however they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, you must have food and they must leave by 9pm.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes, we need a 48 hour notice; cancellation fee is $100 for no shows.

Do you offer Brewery Tours?
Sure do, $25 per person (plus tax) for a 1 hour tour. Includes a couple pints worth of samples. Total steal! Click here for more info.


I’m Sold! How do I book the space?

Please fill out this form to book the mezzanine, request other space bookings or book a brewery tour.