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Three photos showing the three spaces in the brewery you can rent

Hosting your very own fiesta in our brewery(!)

All our spaces, including The Taproom, The Mezzanine and The Upstairs are available to rent on select dates. Hell, we may even rent you The GastroTurf (beer garden) if you've got it goin' on, ("it" = cash).

What are the rental fees?
Rental fees are based on minimum spends and vary depending on season, day and time of day. Please get in touch to obtain a quote. Also note we need a credit card ahead of time for reservations.

Do you have food?
YES. We offer a full menu including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Do you serve drinks other than beer?
YES. We regularly offer a list of wines, cider, soda, cold-brewed coffee, and kombucha. Please see our tap list for an up-to-date listing.

Are your spaces accessible?
Our taproom main floor and GastroTurf (beer garden) are fully accessible, but The Mezzanine and The Upstairs bar require staircases to access.

Do you offer gender-neutral washrooms?

Are minors allowed?
Yes, but by virtue of our liquor license stipulations, they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, they must have food and they must leave by 9pm.

Do you offer Brewery Tours?
Sure do. Brewery tours are $21.74 per person + tax for a 1-hour tour. Tours includes 4 sample pours of Good Robot beer. Total steal! Click here for more info.

I'm sold! How do I book?

Please choose either the 'Private' or 'Public' buttons below and fill the lined form to book space or a brewery tour.

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