Good Robot Brewing Co.

RumbleFish at Good Robot Brewing Co.

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Rumblefish food with Good Robot pints of delicious beerRumblefish logo showing a rumblefish skeleton

We’re tickled to announce we have partnered with the folks that brought you Black Sheep Restaurant in order to bring to our location a brand new dining experience: RumbleFish Food Co. RumbleFish occupies a brand-spanking-new commercial kitchen with a team capable of delivering fresh, made-from-scratch food experiences inspired by bar snacks from around the world. The expanded menu also includes more options for our gluten-sensitive, vegetarian and vegan guests.

The RumbleFish is a biological oddity that was, until now, completely unsubstantiated. A creature with the body of a land-dweller and the tail of a fish. Two separate entities forged together in some unholy union, a North End dining experience encompassing the values our two companies share.

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